An old prophecy exists that talks about the time we are in now as a collective. When the earth is ravaged and humanity is at its darkest hour, a new tribe of people shall come onto the earth from many colors, classes and creeds; who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They will be known as the warriors of the rainbow.

Though we are only a small (but mighty) portion of this collective, we uphold this purpose and mission to its entirety.



Corey is a neuroscientist, functional medicine doctor with a doctorate in medical sciences and natural medicine. He is trained in neuroscience, functional medicine, epigenetics, breathwork, family constellations, trauma, concussive injuries, and plant medicine ceremonies. He’s a patient advocate who will listen to each symptom and every concern with the patience and loving compassion of a trusted friend. With an extensive knowledge bank of hands-on and personal life experience, Corey shares his confidence and capabilities to power an actionable change in your overall wellness.

Corey Deacon has been a trusted figure in functional medicine since 2014. He worked as a neurofeedback technician at the Brain Treatment Centre of Alberta while completing his doctorate in Natural Medicine from The Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners™ Canada and received a Master’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Greenwich. In his years of learning and honing his capabilities, Corey has earned a Certification in Functional Medicine and Certification in Integrative Oncology as well as a fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. He is an associate fellow and mentor in neurofeedback with the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance) and a member of the ISNR (International Society for Neurofeedback Research). 

Since then, Corey has analyzed well over 20,000 magnetic resonance images (MRI) and quantitative EEG brain images to help thousands of patients across North America. But what sent him down a path riddled with medical mysteries in the first place? The answer lies in Corey’s natural desire to share his knowledge with other patients to help put the power back in their hands.

Corey Deacon co-founded Neurvana Health in September 2016 and has served as Medical Director since. His competencies include conditions and symptoms that are affected or caused by the central nervous and immune systems, from post-concussion syndrome to autoimmune disorders and an array of ailments in between. His ability to isolate causes and manifestations of mental health disorders and bioenergetic illness is impeccable.

There’s nothing more frustrating than putting your big plans on pause because a collection of symptoms have demanded your full attention, and no one knows that more than Corey Deacon. While attending university in his early 20s, Corey developed a chronic health issue that was coupled with mysterious inflammatory symptoms.

Each day, Corey battled fatigue, headaches, and muscle weakness, while brain fog, concentration, and emotional issues wreaked havoc on his mental health. Once panic attacks became a daily staple for him, Corey set out to uncover what was awry in his nervous system. He ultimately discovered a neuroimaging technique called quantitative EEG, which led Corey down his current path. 

“One of the reasons why I do what I do and specialize in what I specialize in is that it took me a long time to figure out the moving parts of my health issues. Conventional medicine didn’t have proper treatment or anything that they could really help me with. It was a trying time for me, but it was one of the best things that have ever happened to me, to be honest.” — Corey Deacon, CFMP, MSc, DNM, BCN, FAARFM, ABAAHP

In the pursuit of understanding the deepest causative factors of disease/disorders, Dr. Corey found the answer; consciousness. Our vehicle of consciousness interacts with the universal energy of love through many different components. These include environmental, physical, bioenergetic, emotional, intellectual, intuitive, archetypal, spiritual/soul and unified source components. Sickness and suffering occur when these components are not aligned with each other, creating resistance patterns and mental, physical, and emotional stress that will linger until alignment is achieved. The process of defining this includes a neuroscientific method of quantitative EEG (brain mapping) and quantitative MRI and a deep understanding of history to determine personalized biopsychosociospiritual paths for each individual he guides. 

This pursuit has led him to become a co-founder of Diversum; specializing in clinical training for professionals, healing retreats, consciousness coaching, and collective trauma healing containers shifting the world from fragmentation through actualization to the illumination of the new earth. Corey’s heart, soul and relationship to source illuminate the core center of Diversum’s mission; to heal the illusion of separation.

Dr. Ashlie Bell, PHD, LCSW, QEEG-DL, BCN

Dr. Ashlie Bell, PHD, LCSW, QEEG-DL, BCN

Dr. Ashlie Bell is an internationally renowned brain health expert and respected leader in the fields of neuromodulation, integrative medicine, and mental health. She is the owner and director of NeuroGrove, as well as a neurotherapist, researcher, public speaker, and published author. 

Dr. Ashlie has worked in the fields of health and mental health for over 17 years and is well-known for her specialized knowledge in brain-based assessments and interventions, as well as integrative mental health and the treatment of trauma-related challenges.  Her passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence have led to esteemed recognition and awards for her work, research, and merit, and she puts this same level of devotion toward every client of NeuroGrove.

Through her own journey of healing from multiple concussions, chronic stress, and nine years of systemic illness, Dr. Ashlie recognized where our conventional medical system is falling devastatingly short and failing to promote true healing.  This experience taught her—through direct experience—just how intricately interconnected the systems in our bodies are and why it is so important to not only get to the root cause of illness, but also take a whole-system, whole-person approach to healing.

Dr. Ashlie’s career journey and education led to similar conclusions from the angle of mental health and wellness.  For as long as she can remember, she has felt a strong mission to find and address the roots of suffering. This led her down an extensive career path involving international social work in third-world countries, natural disaster recovery, homeless/low-income services, refugee services, foster care, care for children with developmental challenges, hospice and bereavement counseling, medical clinics, community mental health, and more.  Throughout this process, she came to realize that some of the most devastating and long-lasting “suffering” came from trauma inflicted from one human onto another. As such, she pursued her master’s and license in Clinical Social Work with a specialization in Interpersonal Trauma.  

During this program, Dr. Ashlie learned all about the negative effects that traumatic stress can have on the brain; however, very few solutions were presented to treat the brain itself.  As she dove deeper into the research, she discovered how such neurological changes often underlie a myriad of physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms.  In other words, our own brains were causing much of our suffering!  And in observing the unacceptably low rates of success in the mental health field, she realized that the brain was likely a key missing piece.  We were trying to treat the thoughts and emotions without addressing the organ that was producing them.  

After recognizing this, Dr. Ashlie began investigating effective methods for healing and optimizing the brain, alongside other approaches for promoting physical and emotional wellbeing.  This led her to pursue a doctoral degree from the College of Integrative Medicine and Health Sciences, with specializations in Integrative Mental Health and Psychophysiology, as well as board certification in Neurofeedback (BCN).  During these studies, she researched the underlying mechanisms of various interventions, from meditation and yoga to nutrition and exercise, as well as various modalities of traditional and alternative medicine.  She also learned how functional neuroimaging and psychophysiological assessments can be an effective tool for discovering exactly where and how each individual’s brain and nervous system were struggling the most.  These assessments could then guide neurotherapy interventions to naturally balance and rewire the brain and nervous system toward healthier patterns of functioning.  Furthermore, in bringing it all together, she realized how imbalances in the body affect the brain, imbalances in the brain affect the body, and it’s all intricately interwoven with our cognitive, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.  

After studying and working under some of the most leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, psychophysiology, medicine, mental health, and shamanic healing, Dr. Ashlie opened her own integrative brain wellness center, NeuroGrove, to help people heal on all levels—brain, body, mind, and spirit.  This center offers a variety of interventions under one roof, including functional brain imaging, neurofeedback, neurostimulation, biofeedback, trauma-informed psychotherapy, expression- and somatic-based therapies, neuro-assisted meditation and EMDR, breathwork, functional medicine, personalized nutrition, neuropeptide therapy, wellness education, and other individualized modalities.  Through this integrative approach, Ashlie and her team are seeing people overcome the most horrendous of traumas, significant chronic illness, learning and mental health “disorders”, and so much more.    

After observing the transformative effects of this approach and seeing how desperately needed it was in our world, Dr. Ashlie began accepting offers for public speaking engagements to educate practitioners and spread hope to communities.  She also became an esteemed member of the International Society for Neurofeedback Research (ISNR) and the Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB), as well as a certified mentor for the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).  Furthermore, she is in the process of developing a comprehensive training program to help other clinicians become more effective in their work with clients, thus allowing a broader reach and greater access to care.  

Through this extensive journey of personal and professional growth, Dr. Ashlie has developed a strong passion for whole wellness that bleeds into everything she does.  Even outside of her work, she strives to practice what she preaches, engaging in authentic community connection and personal growth opportunities.  She also loves engaging in activities that allow her to fully experience and enjoy this beautiful life, including travel, outdoor activities, yoga, dancing, art, music, writing, or whatever new opportunity presents in the moment. 

In sum, Dr. Ashlie has dedicated her career to exploring and developing new approaches to healing the brain, mind, body, and spirit from prior physical and emotional harm in order to alleviate suffering, optimize overall wellness, and achieve higher levels of consciousness.  She has been called to share this knowledge and insight with the world, as well as promote collective growth through love and compassion.  Dr. Ashlie Bell’s vision, passion, and dedication are at the core of NeuroGrove, and her heart for helping others has formed the foundation for all that we do.

Carly Burne

Carly Burne

Carly is a Reiki Master trainer, spiritual guide, and integrative medicine & health coach with a purpose of helping others to step powerfully into their commitment as a heart-centered human of service and tapping into their innate Truth. Her deepest fulfillment rests in guiding women to reclaiming their power through connection to their body, gifts, and divinity by creating a safe, expansive container. 

Sachi Kabayama

Sachi Kabayama

Sachiko guides healing through Neurofeedback, and is a Certified Embodiment Coach, and Reiki Practitioner with a degree in Psychology. Outside of these varied titles, Sachi accesses talents in singing, dancing, playing the ocarina and piano, aerial arts, mixed martial arts, writing, dungeon mastering, improv, authentic relating, existential kink, cooking, building, and creating of any flavor. 

A life-long learner, Sachi has always relished in the challenge of bridging the gaps to teach others the ways from knowing to doing and doing to being in the educational journey. While working in the neuroscience realm and empowering others with EEG-derived information to improve their health and learn more deeply about themselves, Sachi became frustrated that this technology and information wasn’t being used more readily in easily accessible applications. When Corey suggested they start creating a course to bring his knowledge in the Functional Medicine field together with EEG, it was an obvious and resounding YES! Diversum was born and quickly grew to incorporate other like-minded individuals and wisdom that had common roots in the same goal; to meet people where they are at, show them where they can go, and empower them to get there.

From a young age, Sachi deeply felt a sense of otherness and often isolated and shut off the outside world in an attempt to protect herself. The outside world responded by cranking up the volume ten-fold; Sachi faced the beasts of sensory overload, auditory distortions, chronic pain, head injury, and an over-intellectualized cognitive perspective (to name a few). Then, through neurofeedback, upper-cervical chiropractic work, circus-community building, and an ever-present superpower of going deep within, she contended with these beasts of the outside world, and they now fight alongside her to help others. Sachi allowed herself to be reached by a compassionate few and recognized an essential part of her journey was the connections she made along the way! Sachi is vigilantly able to see the spaces for suffering and joy in others after discovering the same present potential in herself. Careful and consistent watering, enjoying, and harvesting the garden of her sense of self, Sachi’s centredness can contagiously influence those she works with to find their own superpowers and see their own medicine.

The ever-evolving adventurer Sachi would love to join your journey. Whether you need an Emotional Support Introvert, NeuroNerd, Embodied Monk, Narrative Challenger, Perspective Shapeshifter, Word Wizard, Prophet of Potentials, Shaman of Simplicity, or Creative Chameleon she’s ready to step in where she is needed, shine the light of awareness on your highest Self, then guide you down the path of actualizing it for yourself.